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Widebody Car Transporter

The Widebody

An ideal trailer for wide low loading vehicles. The centre deck is standard and it has a hydraulic tilt to adjust loading angle.

A heavy duty trailer that can carry 2600Kg or 3000Kg gross.





A Practical and Versitile Workhorse

Widebody Specs and Pricing

Flat Beded Versatile Trailer

The Flat Bed


A strong, robust and versitile trailer. Can carry all sorts from plant to cars, diggers and more.

It has under deck wheels allowing easy loading.

This trailer will suit the commercial user and deliver a liftime of hard work effortlessly




A Very Practical and Versitile Workhorse

Flat Bed Specs and Pricing

The Standard Car Transporter

The Standard


A popular and versatile car transporter with options of hydraulic or tilt with ramps or just ramps.

This trailer will suit the motor sporter and commercial user alike.




A popular and versatile trailer with lots of options

The Standard Specs and Pricing

The Lighweight Car Transporter

The Lightweight Car Transporter


The lighweight car transporters appeals to the motor sport enthusiast and the motor home owner alike.

A small but robust solution for the smaller car.

This trailer has lots of options making it very versatile, available in sngle or dual axle models.






A small but robust car transporter.

The Lightweight Specs and Pricing


Prices where quoted are exclusive of VAT and delivery

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